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Transforming how the world shops online.

Bringing crypto and AI to everyday

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Hard cap: $30m

A revolutionary e-commerce find engine.

Powered by blockchain, AI and machine learning.

Solving real e-commerce problems.

  • Restricted choice
  • Wasted time
  • Difficulties finding exact product
  • Out of stocks
  • Unexpected charges
  • Slow check-out

Find any product at the best price.Confirmed availability for exact product (colour, size, spec).
One-click check-out.Control personal data.

Find any product at the best price.
Confirmed availability for exact product (colour, size, spec).
One-click check-out.
Control personal data.

Mass Market Adoption.

A Token Economics Ecosystem that works.

  • Balancing token buying and selling.
  • Creating trusted, token-based (one-click) second-hand market.
  • Harnessing incentivised, distributed crawling pool.
  • Rewarding shoppers for using Zwoop and sharing data.
  • Enabling use of tokens for any product, any merchant.
  • Merchants and advertisers use tokens to access ads, data and group buy.

The future of crypto in
e-commerce is here.

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About Zwoop

Zwoop provides unrestricted, unbiased, unbeatable access to the whole world of e-commerce.

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Zwoop analyses hundreds of thousands of retail websites across the globe, using AI and a distributed network of crawlers, to recognise products even when they're described in different ways by different retailers. Zwoop identifies the best deals available, anywhere online.


Zwoop’s find engine is far more precise than a search engine, and operates without the biased influence of advertising, SEO or affiliate deals. It only shows the products that match the shopper’s exact specifications, including size, style, delivery options, and are in stock.


Zwoop automates the registration and checkout process, with fast, one-click check-out from any retailer. Payment can be made using debit or credit, ZWP tokens, or any major crypto currency, opening up the crypto economy to mainstream retail.


The Zwoop blockchain enables consumers to control their data, decide how it’s used, and receive rewards if they choose to share it.

Zwoop Team

0+years of combined coding and blockchain experience

0software and AI engineers

0+years of combined science and research experience in AI labs

0PhDs from prestigious universities

Token Sale

Our ICO is launching soon, giving contributors the chance to shape the future of e-commerce. Want to be part of it? Sign up to our whitelist here.

Token Distribution

Asset 1Sale(30%)User acquisition and go to market(16%)Advisory team(3%)Team 12 monthlock (10%)Founders 12 month lock (10%)Crawling pool (25%)Partnerships (6%)

Use of Funds

Asset 4Global launch (40%)Development(37%)Resourcing(12%)Legal (8%)Advisory and consulting (3%)


Find out why and how we’re transforming online shopping and opening up the retail world to crypto.

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Token Paper

About Zwoop

The journey so far from Zwoop’s founder Alessandro Gadotti.

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Bringing Crypto to everyone, every product, every retailer.


Crawling Pool

  • Open distributed network of e-commerce website crawlers
  • Increasing the overall download bandwidth
  • Reward people that are running the crawling software with Zwoop token

Product Interpreter

  • Extract and normalise information for each product
  • Recognise and link identical products across merchants even if described differently and regardless of language
  • Identify and complement missing details combining multiple sources

Best Price/ Delivery Engine

  • Identifies the best price for every consumer based on their needs and preferences (size, colour, etc.) and shipping location, including taxes, shipping fees
  • Verify real-time availability of products

Page Classifier

  • Analyses e-commerce pages to extract structured information (price, description, attributes etc.)
  • Classify product pages and understand the category of each product
  • Extract detailed and specific product information based on the product category

Find Engine

  • Semantically understand user queries and find the products matching the user’s search
  • Integrate queries with user and product knowledge
  • Matches images with products
  • Matches shared URLs with products to integrate with third parties and browsers

User Behaviour Engine

  • Complement user requirements for each search based on behaviour or previously provided information
  • Define an intelligent user profile

Any product. Any category. Any retailer. Any country.

A Balanced ZWP Token Economy


  • Shoppers purchase goods on the C2C second hand market
  • Merchants and advertisers pay for advertising, data, group buy and reward shoppers
  • Zwoop LTD replenishes treasury
  • Third party API pay for API usage


  • Miners to stake in order to start mining
  • Merchants to access priority services
  • Merchants to have priority in the price list
  • Third party API users to access API


  • Zwoop LTD for payment of data and services
  • Sellers of products on second-hand market
  • Users as loyalty rewards
  • Loyalty rewards paid by advertisers
  • Merchants who accept ZWP token directly as means of payment
  • Third parties participating in the Open API platform as means of payment


  • Purchases of products from merchants not accepting ZWP token directly
  • Miners who use the ZWP token to pay for products on merchants not accepting ZWP token directly
  • Shoppers and miners who want to convert their ZWP tokens to cash on exchange

Finding the best deals available anywhere online.

News & Views

Road map

Zwoop road map

October 2014

Founding team established and product/concept design started

March 2015

Proof-of-concept successfully developed

June 2015

Development started

October 2016

Multi-million Series A funding complete

November 2016

Team ramp up with additional data scientist and core engineers

March 2017

Started the machine learning training

February 2018

Core features completed

February 2018

UK launch preparation started

June 2018

47 full-time engineers and data scientists, 14 PhDs, 3 offices

July 2018

Public UK beta-testing

August 2018

ICO Pre-sale

September 2018

ICO Main sale

Q4 2018

Crypto payments and virtual credit card capability readiness. UK full launch

H1 2019

US launch. Image find capabilities; advertisement and P2P capability ready

H2 2019

Launch in non-English speaking countries. Zwoop SDK ready


Continued worldwide coverage in other languages. Smart manufacturing and procurement solutions